We Provide Customized Web Services & Solutions

Strategy and Onboarding

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Once you become a client of Quantum Pathways, we begin with understanding your niche, your clients, who you are, your product and service offering, and how you serve your market.

We conduct a detailed information briefing session to ensure we are all on the same page. This will help clarify and convert your strategy and direction into a smooth and effective website onboarding process.

We’ll also ask you to give us all of your completed content and design ideas and preferences before we begin the actual design and build of your site. If branding and/or content creation is part of the project, these steps will be completed prior to website design.

Using a secure document sharing and project management site. we keep track of updated files, images, communicating due dates, etc. for improved productivity, accuracy and timely info sharing.

Custom Design & Development

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Our websites are custom-designed to merge your specific needs into a beautifully functional and easy to navigate communications hub. Our sites use WordPress, the powerful and easy to use content management and blogging system.

Based on the information you provide in our detailed information briefing session we’ll create the design concept for your website. We’ll rely on you to give us clear and specific feedback to make sure the look and feel of the website reflects the design you envision for your business.

Once the design is approved, it will be developed into a customized WordPress based theme.

We create custom page templates for each of your pages in a way that showcases your work, is easy for your visitors and clients to navigate, and find what they are looking for.

At this stage functionality is added.  We also help you refine and hone your content and SEO strategy. Prior to launch we will test the functionality and provide training and tips for a smooth transition to your new, live website.

Hosting, Website Maintenance & Growth Support

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Post-launch support is critical. You want to ensure your site is always running with optimal speed, security and is quickly findable in the search engines. Your website needs to stay relevant and productive in order to grow your client base over time. We cover you for 30 days post-launch to make sure everything is running smoothly and you are comfortable with your new website.

Once you’re 30 days ‘LIVE’ on the interwebs, we’ll move you into one of our ‘No-Worries’ Service packages. We highly recommend our Full-Service Support package for your website (i.e. maintenance and updating of themes, plugins, hosting and backups, SEO optimization and content editing services for new content to make sure your site is always up to date, running smoothly, secure and easily findable in the Search Engines.

In line with our holistic approach, we offer project-related graphic design services and other content planning services to our existing web design clientele.